Drawing of Jeffrey by Ira Niklayeva 


Jeffosophy: a collection of possibly useful things I, Jeffrey Baumgartner, have learned over the years.

Jeffosophy is a collection of articles on some of the many things  I've learned over the years. Eventually, I may also interview people about stuff they have learned over the years. Or, I might not. We shall see.

They say you learn from your mistakes. If so, I must be bursting with knowledge. After many years of: living in different countries, doing different kinds of work, setting up companies, getting married, divorcing, forming relationships, separating, raising a couple of awesome sons, and making stupid decisions, I've made an awful lot of mistakes. I have learned from many of them. And, I am sharing my knowledge --  gained from all those mistakes -- here, with you. Maybe, as a result, you'll make fewer mistakes than I have done. Maybe.

The illustrations in this blog are by my talented partner, Ira Nikolayeva, and me.

Latest Articles


Rules for a Serious Discussion
Serious discussions can help a relationship grow if handled properly. Here's how to handle them properly.



How to Make Facebook Friends Jealous of You
"Why feel envious of your friends' glamorous Facebook lives when you could be making THEM jealous instead?



The Power of Thank Yous
Thanking people makes everyone feel good, promotes respect and is easy to do.



Why You Should Always Ask About Feelings
Have you ever told a friend, 'I know how you feel'? If so, you were probably wrong.



How to design and deliver an awesome presentation
I've given a lot of keynote speeches, talks and workshops over they years. I've also watched a lot of talks. Here are my tips for giving a great presentation.


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Other projects by Jeffrey include:  Kwerps - reflections on international travel and living; Ungodly.com - a collection of his recent artwork; and The Imagination Club - hosting experimental workshops in Brussels.