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Challenge to Xi, Putin: Create a Society People Actually Want to Live In
Presidents Xi and Putin are talking a lot about creativing an alternative to America's liberal democracy. They should focus on creating a society where people want to live.



The Easy Way to Inner Peace
Inner peace is not so difficult to acheive as you may think. Jeffrey offers some simple tips that will help you get there.



The Power of OK
OK may seem like a neutral word, but it is a powerful one. Allow me to explain...



Rules for a Serious Discussion
Serious discussions can help a relationship grow if handled properly. Here's how to handle them properly.



How to Make Facebook Friends Jealous of You
"Why feel envious of your friends' glamorous Facebook lives when you could be making THEM jealous instead?



The Power of Thank Yous
Thanking people makes everyone feel good, promotes respect and is easy to do.



Why You Should Always Ask About Feelings
Have you ever told a friend, 'I know how you feel'? If so, you were probably wrong.



How to design and deliver an awesome presentation
I've given a lot of keynote speeches, talks and workshops over they years. I've also watched a lot of talks. Here are my tips for giving a great presentation.



Making Your Desires Come True - Your Spiritual Options
When you desire something, you have three spiritual options you can call upon: prayer, the law of attraction or your own inner spirit.



Productivity Energy and Getting Things Done
Do you find you do not get things done? Are you needlessly busy? I share some things I've discovered about productivity energy and getting things done.



Supporting a Friend Who Is Feeling Down
When someone you care about is feeling down, your instinctive action may be to cheer her up. In fact, that's not a good approach. Here's why.



Why a Bad Memory Has Turned Me into a Liar
When friends ask if I remember something that happened years ago, I usually say yes. I am usually lying. It is all because of my faulty memory.



Atheists Are Not Angry with God
It is a commen misbelief among Christians that Atheists are angry with God. They are not. Allow me to explain.



Don't Look for Your Passion. Create It
I know a lot of people who are looking for their passion in order to build a career that they love. Perhaps they should create a passion instead.



Happiness Is Overrated
The pursuit of happiness is all too likely to lead you to unhappiness. There are better things to pursue.





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